Personally Tailored Movement for You

We are located in the historic Village of the Arts, Bradenton, Florida. Our approach is always centered on meeting you where you are with an eye on stretching you beyond what you imagined possible.

We offer a wide range of experiences to personally tailor your self care practice, including: private and small group Pilates, mindful movement for self-healing, meditation, Reiki, restorative yoga, life coaching and Urban Zen Self Care.

Here at Village Movement Arts, we view self care and movement as a revolutionary creative language one can master with fluency.

Who are we?

Lee Kelly. MFA, LMT is a Somatic Educator, Embodied Presence Coach and Mindful Movement Facilitator. He has been teaching private equipment and mat Pilates for 25 years, has trained and performed as a professional dancer for 35 years, has studied extensively in anatomy and somatic (mind/body) education.

Cynthia Kelly Byrne is an Urban Zen Self-Care Specialist. Her work is rooted in supporting clients in creating new relationships with pain, stress and anxiety through movement and meditation. With an extensive background in health care, she specializes in mitigating the effects of compassion burnout and fatigue.

Equipment-Based Pilates

Our approach to Pilates is rooted in mind/body awareness, proper alignment and Classical Pilates. We emphasize balance in flexibility and stability, creating healthy movement patterns that affect all areas of living.

We invite you to discover what a personally-tailored Pilates or self-care program can do to enhance your fitness and life goals.

Embodied Presence Coaching

At Village Movement Arts, we specialize in supporting our clients in uncovering and unwinding the toxic effects of stress and burnout through mind/body awareness and performance coaching.

Our approach is holistic and rooted in mindfulness. We enjoy working with our clients to create purpose-driven goals and a personal vision. By allowing you to get to the root causes of burnout, procrastination and stress, you can get back in the game with ease, effectiveness, and above all joy!

Research has shown that those who invest in coaching and mentorship tend to become higher achievers, are more likely to be satisfied with their results, enjoying the journey more than those who do not.

Contact us to discover how mindfulness and awareness-based coaching can do for you.

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