Just The Basics Pilates (mat class)

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This class is perfect for those who have wanted to try Pilates mat work but were nervous to get started. JTB will give you the basics to safely prepare you for more challenging workouts, both on the mat as well as the equipment. You will learn proper breathing techniques, spinal/pelvic stability and mobility that will support your posture and improve daily dynamic movement patterns. Plenty of modifications are given for a variety of body types.

** Class size is limited to 5 students

What students are saying:

“My workout was like taking a guided tour through my body that left me feeling fit, centered, and alive. This is an enlightening body-awareness experience.” – Marcia

“Lee has a way of describing movement that allows my body to engage and I can just get out of the way. It’s like he knows what my body needs before I do.” – Angie

“I have had an inner ear imbalance since 1980. By the end of the EPT class I was able to stand with my eyes closed and move without feeling off balance. This class get’s to be a regular part of my life!”- Sara                          

Beyond the Basics (mat class)

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This class takes your practice to a more advanced level. In this class we move beyond stabilization and breathing and into more challenging Classical Pilates that emphasize alignment, quality of movement and a balance of strength and flexibility to support posture, improve stamina and overall muscle tone.

Intro to Embodied Presence Technique

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Ever feel like a head walking around on a stick? At the end of the day is your body screaming at you? Do you sometimes get stuck spinning your wheels?

Embodied Presence Technique (EPT) might be for you! EPT is a joyful and effective approach to mindfulness through movement. My clients have consistently described this approach to movement as, “Meditation for those who don’t like to sit still and movement for those who can’t shut up.” This introductory class will provide the basics of embodied presence meditation through awareness of body sensations to anchor the attention and create new pathways to reinforce the “muscles” of awareness.

• Transform your relationship to time

• Create ease and flexibility in your body and joy in your spirit

• Learn to quiet the mind “on the go”

** Class size is limited to 5 students

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