Very simple, Pay the ask. Pay what you can. Pay it Forward.

We are committed to creating a world of empathy, creativity and peace one person at a time. To that end we have adopted an Abundance Pricing Policy to make the work we do more accessible to a wider range of clients.

All prices listed are set at our ideal rates for each service based on our on-going investment in training and development. If you are genuinely able to pay this rate please do. (And if you wish to pay it forward for those who aren’t, feel free)

If you are committed to self discovery and mastery and unable to pay the full rate, pay what you can. Our request is that you engage with the pricing with integrity.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow for an immersive and integrative experience to work deeply and safely

Private Pilates/EPT/Urban Zen

$90/hour ++

*By appointment

Embodied Presence Coaching

$150/hour ++

*By appointment

Duet and Small Group Sessions

Great way to build teams and deepen relationships!

Duet Pilates/EPT/Urban Zen

$45 /person ++

* By appointment

Small Group Classes

$15 /person ++

Consult our schedule of classes for details

Small Group Classes Custom Tailored to Your Group

$30 /person ++

Ideal for partners of all kinds, from social, to work, to workout, to life.

(3-person minimum, up to 6 participants)

* Contact us to find out how we can create a customized class for your group

++ See our note above about Abundance Pricing


All packages to be paid in advance and used within 90 days of purchase

10 Sessions Private Pilates/EPT/Urban Zen


$100 Savings

10 Sessions Embodied Presence Coaching


$ 300 Savings

90 Day Redesign


Custom coaching program

Contact us to find out what Custom-Tailored Self care can do for you

Contact us